About Us

1)Implements,carries out and inspectes the nation’s policies, laws and regulations, and directives of the municipal government, concerning foreign affairs, overseas chinese affairs and Hongkong and Macao affairs.

2)Administrates the overall planning, coordination and management of chonqging’s foreign affairs, overseas chinese affairs and Hongkong and Macao affairs.  Administrates the foreign affairs, overseas chinese affairs and Hongkong and Macao affairs.

3)Incumbent Looks through the foreign affairs’s document of  reporting to CPC Central Committee, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government from departments of directly under the municipal government.Administrates official business travels abroad and the invitating visitation.

4)Arranges for the reception of the foreign and overseas Chinese VIPs. Arranges for the goverment leaders’ foreign affairs activities. Directs for the important reception for guests ffrom  foreign and Hongkong and Macao.

5)Administrates the consulates general in Chongqing and conducts offcial or servicing official. Administrates and overall arranges the foreign affairs activities of the foreign consulates.Administrates the service organizations for the foreign organizations.

6)Deals with the communications work foreign affairs and concluding work of Sisiter Cities. Responsible for exchange work with foreign party. Deals with the exchange activities for overseas Chinese, Hongkong and Macao compatriots and their organizations. Guides and coordinates the work of Chongqing People’s Association, Chongqing Foreign Exchange Associationfor. Contactes and guides the work of Chongqing Overseas Chinese Merchants" Association.

7)Deals with the service of the foreign correspondents and permanent Offices of foreign news agencies in Chongqing. Guides and arranges reporting activities. Assists Chongqing Branch of China News Agency ’s work.

8)Administrates the foreign economy experts and abroad students who are working and studying in Chongqing. Deals with the exam and approval of international conference"s plan in Chongqing.

9)Responsible for the appointment and contact work for government consultant. Proceed through the Chongqing honorary citizens’s work for the foreigner,overseas Chinese, Hongkong and Macao compatriots.Administrates in formality of overseas chinese, Hongkong and Macao compatriots living in Chongqing.

10)Under the law, protects the legitimate rights and interests of returned overseas Chinese, of the family members of Chinese nationals residing abroad, Hongkong and Macao compatriots. Deals with the exchange activities and charitable aiddind, donations for returned overseas Chinese and the family members of Chinese nationals residing abroad.

11)Deals with the introducing work of foreign capital, technology and person with ability. Do work of exchanging,coordinating,servicing  with foreign chinese, Hongkong and Macao corporations. Deals with the economy complaining affairs.

12)Responsible for providing the publicity release and declaration of international situation, foreign policy and great international question to relevant department.

13)Do work of culture exchanging experts and the overseas Chinese language education work. Spreads the Chinese and local culture.

14)Responsible for the tasks or other matters assigned by the municipal Party committee, the municipal government.