Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chongqing Municipal People's Goverment
The delegation of Japan Mito visited Chongqing

Nov 14-17, 2017, Mr. Yasushi Takahashi(Mayor of Japan Mito) and Mr. Kimoto Shintarou(Deputy Speaker of Mito city council)  visited Chongqing. They led a delegation including 16 members to promote communicating and cooperating in Trade, Culture and Sport. Mito City and Chongqing are friendly exchanges cities.

Nov 15, Liu Guiping(Deputy Mayor of Chongqing)  met Mr. Yasushi Takahashi.

The delegation visited Chongqing plan exhibition gallery, Ttrade in services Zone of Chongqing free-trade area, Chongqing Coffee trading center and Sichuan international studies university.